These people are amazing. They were able to see me ASAP. The staff is kind and friendly! They couldn't do the require treatment since my tooth were really bad but they were kind to refer me to one that can. I'm returning to get fillings! It's nice to finally meet a dentist who was willing to see me at such a short notice.


So this office was recommended to me. The staff is nice and helpful. When we have an appointment time we are seen right away and don't ever have to wait to long. My 10yr old daughter needed a root canal done. My daughter loved Dr. Hong and felt comfortable and safe with him working on her teeth. So now my husband and I started going to him as well, and I can say that we really like him as well. He's very gentle and does great work. We are very happy with his services.


Been here twice. Best dental visits in all of my 35 years of life! I came initially for an extraction. I had no pain at all during or after the procedure. I was in and out in 45 mins. I was a new patient so there were x-rays, paperwork, cleaning and the extraction. Excellent visit!


Dr Hong is soft spoken, quiet, gentle and pleasant but most importantly a skilled and honest surgeon. I went to him for a second opinion after my local insurance-covered dental office said I needed $6000 worth of work including 2 teeth pulled. Dr Hong has done the work for $3300 without dental insurance, while saving one of the teeth - a very big deal to me. I have decide to cancel my insurance-covered dental office and move to Dr. Hong's office. You will not find a "cattle mill" here, just fair prices, timely appointments and good service.


We were recommended to Dr Hong from a close friend. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to travel all the way to Watsonville from Hollister, but decided to give this dentist a try.

My review is about the first series of visits to the office and the final visit for my daughters orthodontics treatment.

When we arrived at the office, the waiting room was clean and had plenty of magazines to read. The waiting room even had a little toy to keep the younger kids occupied which I guess is good, but the small toddlers sure can make some noise.

Signing in and registering with the office was a piece of cake. Basic forms and disclosures and the staff was very friendly in explaining some of the things that I wasn't too familiar with. We waiting there for only about 5 mins after filling out the form until my name was called. My daughter was called a couple mins later as I saw her in the station next to me.

Dr Hong came and introduced himself to me and asked the basic questions to understand what my previous history was. I take good care of my teeth, but probably should floss more often. I also had braces about 10 year ago so I value having pain free and good looking teeth. Once the interview was over, Dr Hong started to check and clean my teeth. I thought that was great since most dentist offices you go into these days have some sort of hygienist do it. I was finished with my interview, check up and cleaning within 30 mins. The best thing is that the whole thing was painless, quick and my teeth and mouth felt great!

My daughter had the same experience, but she was recommended to get braces which for a teenage girl is not good news. The good news about the recommended ortho treatment was that it would only take one year.

During the year, she went into the office to get her bands replaced and all other things that the Dr needs to do to move those teeth around her mouth. Today was the one year mark and she got her braces off. Her teeth are straight and very beautiful now. During the course of the treatment she did have some issues with the wires digging into her check and lips, but those were solved by quick visits to the office, but over all she was very happy with the end result. The best part of all of this was that Freedom Dentals prices were very reasonable compared to other offices we got estimates from.

As you can tell from the review I am very satisfied with the work that Dr Hong and his staff performed on my family. I will continue to make the long drive from Hollister to Watsonville to have him care for our teeth.

The only thing I wish the office had was Wi-Fi access in the waiting room.


I had many cavities filled by Dr. Hong about 13 years ago when I was only 17. He did most of my dental work when I was young. After all these years all of my fillings that he did on me are still in great shape! Including a front tooth #8 to be exact where he did a composite/resin filling which i had broken in half. I thought it was going to need a root canal or crown after so long but nope. Still looks as good as when he filled it. I am no longer his patient because I no longer live there. But so thankful for the work he did on me!